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Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies gives students the chance to develop a critical understanding of the role of the media in daily life. It encourages an understanding of how to use key media concepts to analyse media products and gives the opportunity for hands- on practical work. All students cover issues in media areas such as advertising, publishing, broadcasting and e-media and have the opportunity to choose their own products for study. By the end of the course all pupils are proficient in the use of Photoshop, a skill which will serve them in the wider world beyond their school days. With a dedicated media room there is 1:1 computer to pupil ratio allowing for a more professional media environment, Media Studies also combines aspects of politics, sociology, history and economics making it truly unique. In a world so saturated by media products, Media Studies is a vitally important course for today’s learners.

A video to help Y9 CFS students understand what they will be doing in GCSE Media Studies (see below).