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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Welcome toChingford Foundation School

A very warm welcome to Chingford Foundation School. We have been providing an excellent education to our Chingford community since 1938. Steeped in history, our alumni is impressive; it is proof positive of the high calibre, traditional and ambitious curriculum on offer. 

We pursue excellence in all that we do, resolute in the belief that every student should be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential and build 'firm foundations' for their future. 

Our expectations are high. Academic progress, traditional values and personal development are strong. Our impressive wider enrichment programme including the arts, science, sport, Duke of Edinburgh and leadership programmes. Alongside the academic curriculum, this provides opportunities for students to build character alongside knowledge.  

Our students, staff, parents and carers are incredibly proud of our school and our Trust, the Chingford Academies Trust. We work hard to support the wellbeing of our students and staff and as a consequence our learning community is built on strong, respectful, friendly and caring relationships. Our Chingford Academies Trust Charter describes the importance of relationships and forms the guiding principles which we work to, each and every one of us, every day.   

Trustees, Governors, staff and students

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    What Chingford means to me

    Year 10 Student

    "I would recommend Chingford Foundation School because I enjoy my school experience. Lessons are engaging, we are taught by passionate and enthusiastic staff who take pride in teaching us and we have the chance to take part in a range of enrichment activities. Our school recognises that every one of us is different, and our school life is tailored to this”

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    What Chingford means to me

    Year 11 Student

    "I was inspired to join the student leadership team because I wanted to boost my confidence and gain new skills and experience new opportunities. As School Captain, I have a range of responsibilities including representing the school, and as a result, I am incredibly proud of my achievements, I have developed many lifelong skills and have opened my eyes to the many opportunities awaiting me. I look forward to attending university, following Chingford Sixth Form.”

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    What Chingford means to me

    Year 12 Parent

    "Chingford Foundation School has exceeded my expectations for all three of my children. They recognise strengths, identify potential and provide support where it is needed – the school offers a great environment and a range of opportunities including the leadership prospects, and equipped my older children with the skills and confidence needed to pursue successful careers."

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    What Chingford means to me

    Year 9 Parent 

    "Chingford Foundation School was our first-choice school: we were incredibly impressed with the facilities, track record of success and the culture of praising progress and ambition we experienced. The school rewards and celebrates students, and with children’s wellbeing, development and education at its heart, I am pleased with my decision."

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    What Chingford means to me

    Louise Brown, Head of Geography 

    "As a teacher, the highlight of my experience is seeing students learn, progress and grow on their Chingford Foundation journey. Throughout their years with us, they develop into insightful, respectful, resilient, well-rounded young adults, with passion, determination and ambition motivating them to succeed, both in and beyond the classroom."

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    What Chingford means to me

    Alisha Bell, Head of Year and Music Teacher 

    "At Chingford Foundation School, we pride ourselves on our broad curriculum, extensive enrichment programme and supportive community culture that allows every student to realise their potential, challenge themselves to achieve it and gain a plethora of life-skills along the way. I feel incredibly lucky to work alongside supportive and inspiring colleagues and motivated, ambitious and expressive students, everyday."

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Chingford Foundation School and Chingford Academies Trust

are looking for Trustees to join the Board

For further information about the role please contact Sherron Alexander-Bedingfield (Governance Professional) at governance@chingfordacademiestrust.org.uk  


Trustee Vacancies Letter - June 2024