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Feedback on our School Tours 2020

As we all know, 2020 has been a very different and sometimes challenging year, but this year’s Open Evening for prospective students and parents demonstrated that despite the difficulties, we can work together to adapt to the current situation.

Usually, Year 6 students and their parents would visit Chingford Foundation School all on one night and explore the many facilities and aspects of school life that CFS has to offer. However, this year worked a little differently: around forty Assistant School Captains and four School Captains were involved in conducting tours, each taking a prospective student and their parents. The tours were every Monday to Thursday night over a span of three weeks, and each group commenced at 5 minute intervals to maintain social distancing. This was a very effective and appealing way of allowing parents to view the school as they could experience a little insight to life at CFS. Moreover, they were able to receive feedback directly from the students themselves, which is very valuable, and a virtual tour just wouldn’t be the same. The parents asked a variety of questions, including how CFS helps new students to settle in and how the school has changed due to COVID 19 restrictions, to which the students responded with extremely useful answers.

The School Captains and Assistant School Captains worked very hard to deliver informative and engaging tours, despite being tired after a long day at school preparing for GCSEs. Sometimes the weather was cold and damp but they persevered to give the parents all the information they required. One student who led a tour said, “I thought the Open Evening was a positive experience for all the year 6s to see what our school is like and how they can become part of the school. It settled the nerves of some of the students who are worried about moving to a new school. I think the Open Evening tours were beneficial for both the parents and children.” Another commented that “it was a bit hard to get going at first but thanks to Ms Jaggs and her supply of chocolates, we made it.” In addition, Mr Campbell, Head of Middle School, said in de-brief that there had been an overwhelmingly positive response by Year 11 student leaders to help out and that they had proven themselves extremely reliable.

Overall, this year’s Open Evening tours have been a huge success due to the hard work of all involved.

Amelie Ayto
Form 11C