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Outstanding Success for the GCSE Class of 2021!


We are delighted to announce today the results achieved by our Year 11 cohort. Congratulations to them for achieving an outstanding set of results despite the disruptive nature of the academic year. Our students have worked incredibly hard in their studies, have been resilient in the face of obstacles during the year and have displayed a strong collective mindset to constantly improve and achieve their best. We hope these results act as an excellent foundation for our students in the next phase of their education.

Thank you to staff for the efforts made on your part to allow our students to perform as well as they have. We are all very proud of our students and what they have achieved. Overall, 78.5% of GCSE grades awarded were Grade 4+ and 30.1% of grades awarded were Grade 7+.  There was a pass rate of 99.5% and the Attainment 8 score was 53.2. A number of our students achieved a full set of Grades 8 and 9 in their results. This included Sera Aksoy, Amelie Ayto, Antony Bailey, Isabel Barros, Abdur Raheem Malik and Xien Yi Yap.

We wish everyone in our Year 11 cohort the very best of luck in the future in the pathways they have chosen. All staff have thoroughly enjoyed working with the students throughout the year. Thanks to the Trust's support with it's exceptional Careers Strategy, all of our students have secured their pathway of choice for next year including A Levels, apprenticeships and BTEC courses.  We look forward to welcoming the majority of students into our Sixth Form and working closely with these students to ensure they continue to achieve in the next phase of their education. We look forward to welcoming all students back to school in November for our annual GCSE Presentation Evening celebrations. Congratulations!