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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

During our PSHE curriculum we intend to acknowledge and address the changes that young people experience beginning with the transition to secondary school, the challenges of adolescence and their increasing independence. We will teach the knowledge and skills which will equip them for the opportunities and challenges of life. In line with our Trust values, students will learn to manage diverse relationships, their online lives, and the increasing influence of peers and the media. Our curriculum also goes beyond the statutory content and links to wider school life by making connections with Black History Month, LGBT History Month and Mental Health Awareness Month which allows us to connect with student interests.

Following the new September 2020 government guidelines, Relationship and Sex Education is now mandatory in all secondary schools. We believe it is important that all students learn not only what abuse looks like in a relationship but also what healthy relationships consist of. Their learning will include UK law in regard to misogyny, pressure and consent, sexual violence, equality and positive values so that young people know where they stand, what is OK and more importantly, what is not. With Relationship and Sex education students will understand how to recognise certain behaviours and prepare them for life inside and outside of the school setting.