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We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Physical Education

Lower School:

The PE department aims to provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum with pupils experiencing a wide range of team games, individual sports/events and enjoyable activities with the objective of helping students develop positive attitudes towards maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their lives.

Students are encouraged to work hard and expand their knowledge and skills in the vast extra-curricular programme as well as away from school. Students will work through a range of skills in various sports, displaying the School and PE Intents through being inclusive, showing perseverance in challenging situations, taking opportunities provided, improving their wellbeing, aiming for excellence and showing respect to themselves and others.

Middle School:

Students are provided with a broad range of sports to encourage them to find a sporting habit for life. The department offers examination opportunities through AQA GCSE and A-Level awards. Exam students within PE will use this time to be graded across multiple disciplines to provide them with a range of options with regards to their three potential sports. Non-exam students will have all of the opportunities above, but the focus will be on challenge and participation through the various sporting options. Exam students will work through topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Movement Analysis, Physical Training, Sports Psychology, Socio-Cultural Influences, Health, and Fitness and Wellbeing alongside Practical Performances.

Upper School:

Chingford is proud to offer all students that study within the Upper School an hour of recreational activity a week. This is completely run by the students and facilitated by the PE Department to ensure students are being physically active. Students can play invasion games, use the new gym equipment or participate in individual sports such as badminton/trampolining.


Extra-curricular provision is wide and varied and all students have the opportunity to participate at their own level in both competitive and recreational activities. We are proud as a department that we enter every Borough competition available, and have teams across all year groups in a large range of sports.

Successes range from local and regional to national and even international, with some students representing their country. Alongside this, first aid certificates and sports leader awards can be achieved during PE lessons. Chingford Foundation PE Department prides itself on the extensive opportunities consistently offered to the students and are proud of the students who represent the School.  Prior to COVID-19, we have run international tours to Spain to visit Real Madrid and to see Inter Milan in Italy, giving the students opportunities to see what a day in the life of a sporting professional looks like.

Key Stage 3:

Road map Year 7 boys

Road map Year 7 girls

Road map Year 8 boys

Road map Year 8 girls

Road map Year 9 boys

Road map Year 9 girls

Key Stage 4:

PE department curriculum road map

Road map for Key Stage 4 practical

Key Stage 5:

PE department curriculum road map

Extracurricular sporting opportunities at Chingford Foundation School:

Please click here to view the sporting opportunities on offer during the second half of the Autumn Term 2023 (October to December).