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Working From Home - survey results

The Middle School Team have conducted a student survey on working from home: the findings are now published.

MS Student Survey Monkey feedback.

Firstly, a massive thank you to all those students who took time out to respond to this survey. It was really interesting to get your views and comments on the WFH experience- and the best ways of staying well, mentally and physically. I have gone through the results for Years 9, 10 and 11 and this is some feedback for you.

Working From Home:

Most students find Show My Homework easy to use, which makes sense as you’ve been using it long enough. However, there were split views in all year groups on how easy RM Unify is. I would say keep trying and check out the student guide for it on the school website. It’s the best way to submit your work as teachers can respond to you fully that way, making it more satisfying for you and more effective.

In all year groups, students strongly agreed that too much work was being set! Remember though, this survey was done before the new guide to teachers went out from our leadership team which was sent to you all as well.

As you know, we are now setting less work for each day and deadlines for submission are now longer. We now expect students only to respond for some tasks whilst for other tasks, you don’t need to submit anything. Your teachers are now aiming to give you students around seven days to complete work which is due for submission. Some teachers might publish a week’s work as one assignment. However, if we do this we will ensure that what students are expected to do each lesson is very clearly broken down in the instructions. Alternatively, some teachers will set all the work for all lessons on the Monday so that students can plan accordingly. 

The survey showed that in years 9-11 a lot of students do find working from home boring, compared with being in school. Hopefully, you are starting to see many of your teachers creating more interactive lessons now with quizzes and YouTube presentations of PowerPoints. This is because we know many of you feel much more engaged with the work when you can hear your teacher explain, prompt and encourage you.

So you can see, we are all getting used to the best ways to work together.

Many year 11 students in particular still feel a bit frustrated though, with one saying they have been ‘robbed.’ We need to keep setting you Year 11 students your GCSE work because of course there’s the option of sitting exams potentially in the Autumn. You will be aware that we are also starting to upload PiXL independence booklets for students and are setting longer deadlines . Year 11 students should be revising and can work through the booklets. There is also Y11 transition material being prepared. Y11 students can use this link which contains all the transition materials for Sixth Form:



Emotional and mental health: it was really clear just how much you miss your school routine, your school friends and even your teachers (a bit), your break and lunchtime get-togethers…I think we teachers really need to be mindful that this is a huge miss for you all. It’s such a crucial part of your teenage lives.

You’re also missing PE and organised sport although many of you are enjoying family walks, garden football, MMA, karate, jogging …all before  Joe Wicks 9am workout. You are all still in touch with your friends, of course, through social media and meeting up via Zoom, which I thought was an ice lolly from the 1970s..

Some great new interests are emerging too, with the following mentioned: learning logic pro and photo shop; learning Japanese, coding, chess; learning how to do proper independent research and mastering self- organisation, time management skills. The old faithfuls are also coming back- kitchen skills like baking, some of you are getting into more into art, reading, painting, embroidering, practicing guitar and piano. Meditation was mentioned several times as was the extra time in bed- which actually is a genuine health bonus for you as it’s recognised that teenagers need a lot more sleep, for their physical and mental health, than they are usually able to get.

So again, thank you for letting us know how you feel about this strange and sometimes unnerving new world. We’ll all be back together as the Chingford family before too long, with new ways of working and relating in school as well. And we’ll all have learnt a lot about ourselves.  If you (students or parents and carers) have any comments regarding my feedback, please send me an email- on RM Unify!

Finally, please see below some of the comments from students in years 9, 10 and 11 in response to the question ’What advice can you give to the older generations about the current situation?’


Year 9 Advice to Older Generations



Just try and speak to everyone in your family as much as possible eg a long phone call or a FaceTime with all the family


Encourage and appreciate people who are working


Do work every day


Don't take things for granted


Trust the students to multi-task though social media. Online classes would really benefit us


Stay home Stay clean Stay safe. Get social media to keep in touch with friends and family. Get a new hobby. Take advantage of free opportunities online.


Year 10 Advice to Older Generations



Stay safe, wash your hands to prevent catching COVID-19 and/or spreading it, and don't go crazy with the enforcement of social distancing


Please understand that the younger generation are struggling just as much as you are


If by older generation you mean adults, I would recommend you allow your kids to have fun as well as school work. This is quite a stressful period so remind your kids to do their work but don’t get angry and stress them out more.


We are maintaining friendships online or over the phone but there is no contact with teachers (apart from homework setting). Maybe having a weekly virtual class meeting (like book club or debate) might be nice for everyone especially over the coming weeks and months.


Stay connected to the people you love via social media, it allows you to be with your friends whilst still doing work. For example my friends and I have stayed connected via FaceTime and have been doing group schooling sessions.



Year 11 Advice to older generations


Enjoy family time while you have it


Give us time and space to adjust to the situation. Also don't overload us with targets and work during this difficult period of time.


Be understanding as we are still confused about what is happening instead of being too forward on us about work because we are under a lot of pressure and on top of that confusion


Take care, be as healthy as you can...try to be mentally positive... even in hard times there can be positives- we just have to take a deeper look!


Stay home and understand the fact that teenagers will seem not motivated and generally on edge because of the current situation.


I would say, thank you for showing me how to care for people, especially the vulnerable as until this situation occurred, I lacked awareness



Survey Results

Please see below links to the Survey Results for each year group for both Working from Home and Emotional and Mental Health. 

Year 9 – Working from Home


Year 9 - Emotional & Mental Health



Year 10 – Working from Home


Year 10 – Emotional & Mental Health



Year 11 – Working from Home


Year 11 – Emotional & Mental Health



When answering all questions, the following key was used:


1 = Definitely true

2 = Partly true

3 = Not at all true