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Chingford Foundation School

A-Level Results 2020

                                                                                A-Level Results for Year 13 Students 2020

Despite this being a tumultuous academic year, overall, Year 13 students at Chingford Foundation have achieved an excellent set of A-Level results this summer. The strong set of grades awarded reflects their hard work and dedication over a two-year period and a challenging final term. Many students have been concerned and anxious about not having the opportunity to sit their final examinations. Now that they have received their results, we hope that our students will be able to look ahead to the next stage of their life, whether that be at university, following an apprenticeship, or entering employment. The cohort contains talented, ambitious, and highly capable individuals and we are excited about their undoubted future success. We will fully support a small number of students who did not achieve their centre-assessed grade.


Overall attainment is high and staff are proud on behalf of the students and the school. Indeed, half of the grades achieved were between A* and B at A-Level, and four out of five grades were awarded an A*-C. Seven of our students achieved at least three A*-A grades, with a large number of students also achieving at least two ‘A’ grades. Eighteen A* grades were awarded to our students, which demonstrates the high performance of our most able over the past two years.


These results mean that our students will be going on to high quality destinations. All of our students who applied to university secured places on degree courses, which comprised 85% of the year group. Some of the more popular destinations were Cardiff, Nottingham, Leeds, and Bournemouth. A total of eighteen students secured places at Russell Group universities. A proportion of our students also went on to study high-level degree apprenticeships, including one in engineering and another in construction management.


To all of our students, we wish them all the very best for the future. All the staff have thoroughly enjoyed working with our Year 13 students and feel very proud of their achievements. The on-going pandemic has prevented us from saying goodbye to the year group in the way that we would have liked to do. However, we are launching a new alumni programme so we intend to stay in touch with our students as they progress in their careers. In addition, we look forward to welcoming the students back to school for a leavers event later in the year when we can fully recognise and celebrate their hard work and great success.