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Chingford Foundation School

Bletchley Park Trip

Sixth Form Computing Students visited Bletchley Park on 8th November

'Our trip to Bletchley Park gave us the opportunity not only to see an amazing piece of British history but also allowed us  to see the implementations of topics we had been taught and their impacts. This included the topics of Cyber Security, encryption and algorithms.  Seeing an Enigma machine in use, learning about the complex mathematical element behind it and the work that had to be done each day by numerous people to operate these machines gave us a heightened appreciation for the work that was done throughout the War by all those who had worked in secret to protect our country.

'Our visit gave us access to multiple exhibitions, notably one on cyber security, which developed on our knowledge we had learnt within class and seeing the ideas we had been taught in a more practical setting further developed our understanding of the topics. Our trip also taught us more about the history of the war, as it explains actions taken by the leaders in the war that without this knowledge allowed us to criticize the leaders potentially risking lives, however with our newfound knowledge we know that a large majority of risks that were taken were actually fully planned prior yet this was known only by a small few at the time.

'Overall our trip was very rewarding as it taught us more about a piece of history which tends to be neglected and gave us a better understanding of topics we have learnt in class through being able to see practical implementations of the ideas that once seemed trivial seem much simpler. 

Contributors = Noah Dougall, Alfie Champion and Deniz Yanik (Y13 Computing students)

Photograph = Nawab Mir investigating an early computing device.