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Chingford Foundation School

Visit from Iain Duncan Smith MP - Friday 9th March

Visit from Iain Duncan Smith MP - Friday 9th March

A group of Year 11, 12 and 13 students recently met our local MP, Iain Duncan Smith, and gained some fascinating insights into the life of an MP and how Westminster works. They had prepared some thoughtful and intelligent questions ranging from Chadriq Ford's on why Heathrow Airport had been the only London airport to close in the snow to Leah Seenath's question about whether he supported Michael Gove's 1-9 GCSE reforms.


Kanaan Ashley was interested in the route Mr Duncan Smith had taken to become an MP and heard about his experiences in the army and business which had influenced his decision to enter politics. Maybe she'll follow in his footsteps one day!  Shammah Sowah was keen to know why Chingford had been a Conservative seat for so many years when neighbouring constituencies are more likely to vote Labour. Francesca Ward was awarded a Houses of Parliament teddy for her range of questions including the impact of Brexit on the jobs market and how to engage more young people in politics.


Some of our A-level politics students (Craig Wilkins, Eduard Dragusan and Aliyah Meade) used their political knowledge to ask the MP about his time as Leader of the Conservative Party and Minister for Work and Pensions as well as the way the political centre ground shifts over time.  Mr Duncan Smith was extremely impressed by the quality of their questions and how well-informed they were.