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Chingford Foundation School

'Up for Debate' Competition

Lower School debaters show off their skills!

On Monday 26th March, our Year 7 and 8 debaters: Charlie McMurray, James Payne, Summar Smith, Ria Littman, Sienna Nassim, and Adam Miller, participated in the PiXL 'Up for Debate' competition at the prestigious Harrow School. This was the first national competition the students had entered following their debating training on a Saturday morning, through the school's Beyond Horizons programme. The students had to debate two motions covering: 'THW tax junk food' and 'THB cultural treasures should be returned to their country of origin.' There was also an impromptu debate which focused on whether the government should ban gambling. The students won their first debate and performed very well but narrowly lost out in their two subsequent debates. Overall, the students worked incredibly hard and will be looking forward to returning to the competition next year!