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Chingford Foundation School

Sixth Form Charity Hike

Sixth Form students' hike in the Lake District raises over £900 for charity.  

Well done to Chloe, Katie and Jessie! The story of their experience is below. 

"From the 23rd- 28thAugust, the three of us were in the lake district for the Mark Evison Foundation, pushing ourselves by walking and hiking each day. We camped in Thornwaite, an hour away from Keswick. This seemed like a good idea at the time however, after every hike we had an hour and a bit walk “home” to our campsite. 

Due to the weather we had to change some of our hikes because it wasn't’t safe to go up the mountain on certain days. However, we climbed, hiked or walked each day and came back with very sore feet. The best thing for us was when you finally reach the end of the hike, after struggling to get to the top and then you see the breath-taking view. It makes all the struggle and pain worth it. None of us had completed hikes like this on own before. It was very fulfilling for us to get to the top and see the stunning Lake District scenery. We will definitely be visiting the Lake District again soon. 

However, the worst part of it all or the part we found the hardest was the camping, due to the weather it was cold and hard to sleep. We were squashed, muddy and missed our home luxuries. it taught us that we could live without said luxuries (Internet, fridge, oven and hot shower) but it was hard to camp. As after a long hike and a long walk home the last thing you want to do is go to a muddy campsite, cold tent and instant mash potato! Another issue we found difficult was how unreliable the transport was compared to London. We had to change coaches twice on the way there which made us miss the bus to Keswick. Which then meant we missed the bus from Keswick to Thornwaite. This made getting there very difficult. We didn't’t make it to our campsite until 10pm, so we put our tents up in the dark. It was a struggle to say the least.

After this experience, we became much more independent and it bought us closer as friends. We also learnt how to properly navigate ourselves and that even though challenging we can complete anything we put our mind to. It is amazing completing the hikes but the best part of it all was knowing that we raised over £900 for the Mark Evison Foundation. It was such a heart-warming and proud moment to know that we could raise so much, honestly couldn't’t believe it. 

Overall the experience was very worthwhile and went mostly to plan. Apart from a few hike changes. We would definitely advise anyone to challenge themselves to do the same. Thank you to the Mark Evison foundation for giving us the opportunity to complete this challenge". 

Jessie, Chloe, Katie, 2018