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Chingford Foundation School

School marks World Mental Health Day

Mrs Goldstone, Deputy Safeguarding Lead & Mental Health Officer at Chingford Foundation School along with members of Student Peer Listening Club, were delighted to welcome Swabrina Njoku, Waltham Forest Public Health Strategist and Sally Burns, Waltham Forest Public Health Consultant, to their school today to participate in events marking World Mental Health Day 2018.  The Peer Listeners delivered an assembly empowering all students to have a voice and shape the Borough’s new Mental Health Charter for Young People/Schools.  

Later, 52 students participated in a drop-in 'Mindfulness Through Yoga' event where, through a chocolate tasting experience, they received a ticket to a rare destination “The Present” and learned how to quieten down their bodies and minds and get ready for learning.    

Mrs Goldstone said “Life can be very noise and busy at school with everyone rushing from class to class and with so many students posting on social media,   energy levels are drained, so I taught students today, that their brains were not computers, they don’t need charging, they need to rest”.  At the end of the session, 100% of students stated on their evaluation forms,  that they felt less pressured, calmer, relaxed and invigorated for an afternoon of learning , with 95% of students requesting weekly wellbeing sessions carried out the school.

The days events were sponsored by David Cowell, from Promo2u Limited, who also designed a new logo for the Peer Listening Club.