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Chingford Foundation School

Model UN Conference

Students discuss Human Rights at the 27th Global Classroom’s Model United Nations Conference.

On 12-13th December 10 students from Chingford Foundation School (Lily Nelson, Fran Ward, Selin Moustafa, Hanan Hassan, Madison Hutchinson, Sabeeha Hashmi, Isaiah Kirwan, Salam Kamara Abraham Effiom and Jay McDermott-Smith) attended the 27th Global Classroom’s Model United Nations Conference at the International Maritime Organisation to engage in discussion the immense and complex topic of ‘Human Rights’. This month marked the 70th Anniversary of the UDHR and this was an overarching theme of the conference, from the opening ceremony through to the closing remarks that we have the power and responsibility to act as advocates for change, to stand up for those whose rights are being taken away. The students took on roles of UN delegates from a number of countries, including in the Security Council on the topic of the Rohingya Crisis. The first day saw delegates thrashing out their key ideas and trying to agree on appropriate actions they could encourage the global community to adopt and the second saw those ideas formalised through the writing of resolutions. Abraham Effiom was awarded an ‘Honourable Mention’ for his contributions as the delegate for Canada on the Right to Freedom from Slavery in UNHRC.