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Chingford Foundation School

A Level Design visit

Visit to Design Technology Dept. by John Walker, Chief Executive of

On Thursday May 16th, our Year 13 design students had the wonderful opportunity to present their final A-level projects to John Walker, the Chief Executive of CRATE, a company that builds and operates business parks for entrepreneurs. CRATE has launched a scheme at St James Street in Walthamstow which is built from converted shipping containers, and as two of our students designed buildings using this approach, John gave his feedback on both their designs as well as on other projects from our A level students.

Mr Walker said “We have a saying at CRATE, that people make places, not the buildings themselves. The design has to be absolutely right to make sure this is achieved, as quite often, it isn’t. If the designs from the Year 13 students at CFS are anything to go by, the buildings and infrastructure of tomorrow will be wonderful environments for home, work, socialising, leisure and simple enjoyment.

The quality of the model-making was quite spectacular across a diverse mix of projects. The models were backed-up with written feasibility reports that showed a great awareness of the balancing act that is meeting environmental, commercial and social considerations. The quality of the work on offer shows that all students are ready for careers in the design sector, or wherever their careers take them. Well done to you all...and the teaching staff.”

Mr. Walker then gave individual feedback to all the year 13 students present. It was a pleasure to have the Chief Executive of CRATE visit to look at our year 13’s projects. The student's  enjoyed it immensely listening to how things take place in the real design and business world, as well as learning from the educational experience that Mr. Walker offered them through his feedback and discussions. A big thank you to Mr Walker for giving up his time.