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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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A Message from the CEO and Executive Principal

I am incredibly proud to be the CEO of Chingford Academies Trust and Executive Principal of Chingford Foundation School.

When you walk through the doors of Chingford Foundation School you are immediately made aware of the history and success of our school, deep in the heart of our Chingford community.

Our vision is for our curriculum to provide a 'firm foundation for life'. We pride ourselves on our dedication to traditional standards and values and pursuing excellence for every learner. So, I warmly welcome you to visit our school to witness our high standards and expectations in practice, experience our ambitious culture and meet with our impressive students and staff. Their dedication to success means that our academic performance is above national averages.  

Our students and staff are at the heart of our success and getting the working environment right for them is front and foremost in my thinking. Our Chingford Academies Trust Charter describes the importance of relationships and forms the guiding principles which we work to, each and every one of us, every day.

As a consequence of a strong, collective ethos and culture of support and respect we are resilient. The findings of our last inspection were a disappointment to all of our students, staff and parents. And yet, amongst the challenges that all schools have faced recently, we have taken the positive and bounced back with energy and determination - our Post Ofsted Action Plan has already been fulfilled. 

Behaviour in lessons is calm and purposeful. It contributes to an atmosphere where pupils are able to engage in their learning.

Pupils told us that they know they will get help and support when they ask for it.

School systems ensure that pupils behave well in classrooms. They feel safe and can focus on their work.

 Sixth-form students show positive attitudes and commitment to their studies.  Students say ‘We stayed because our sixth form has a good reputation.’

The new executive principal has high expectations for the school.

Pupils say they are encouraged to respect others and treat everyone equally

Ofsted, December 2019

As well as academic rigour, Our Journey to Excellence describes the experiences and opportunities on offer outside of the classroom to enrich and extend learning  and to enhance our students life opportunities, there is something for everyone including the arts, science, sport, Duke of Edinburgh and leadership programmes. We build character alongside knowledge.

As a member of the Chingford Academies Trust, our schools and staff work together to provide all of our learners with the best educational experience; we  combine resources and work together to provide a rich learning environment that equips young people for the demands of today’s global and ever-changing, global society. We hope to welcome you soon, to join our long history of success.

Mr R Mammen

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