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Chingford Foundation School

Computer Science and ICT

Computer Science

By studying Computer Science students will gain the confidence and skills to develop your own solutions to problems and understand the principles behind some of the advanced systems that you will use in your future careers.

This modern qualification gives students a general grounding in computer science, including an understanding of computer systems, the principles of programming and problem-solving.

Students are given the opportunity to study Computer Science and both GCSE/A level

• The capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically

• An understanding of the organisation of computer systems

• The ability to apply skills, knowledge and understanding of computer science, including programming, in a range of contexts to solve problems

• The capacity to see relationships between different aspects of the subject

• An understanding of the consequences of using computers, an awareness of emerging technologies and an appreciation of their potential impact on society.



In an increasingly digital world ICT skills and knowledge are vital. In every aspect of life the ability to use software efficiently and accurately brings access to greater productivity and more effective analysis and presentation of information.

In Years  9,10 and 11 pupils can choose to follow courses in ICT .

 ICT skills are essential for success in employment and higher education and are among the fundamental transferable skills required by employers.

Cambridge Nationals deliver these skills across the whole range of learning styles and abilities.

The choice of which course is most appropriate will depend on a learner’s particular aptitudes and the future direction he/she wants to take.