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Chingford Foundation School


Our school provides a ‘firm foundation for life’

This is because the curriculum:

  • Is broad and balanced, yet meets the needs of all of our students;
  • Is fundamentally high calibre, rigorous and academic
  • It provides opportunities for personal development and enrichment beyond the taught curriculum
  • It embraces and celebrates diversity as part of our inclusive and comprehensive ethos and as a consequence we thrive in a culture of mutual respect

We have embraced the research on how to deliver an effective curriculum by aiming to:

  • Build on prior learning including what has been learnt at KS2;
  • Map the knowledge and skills that will be covered in each subject over 5 years and
  • Ensure that they are well-sequenced for coherence;
  • Have high challenge allows all students to make good progress;
  • Use current educational research and thinking to ensure it best meets the needs of students;
  • Strive to deploy staff who have excellent subject knowledge that is continuously developed and led by specialist subject leaders responsible for curriculum design and delivery;
  • Takes account of cognitive load theory to ensure information is ‘chunked’ to enable effective learning and retention; then ensure assessments accurately identify that core knowledge has been learnt and applied as well as informing future learning
  • Is regularly quality assured to make sure it is implemented well



The curriculum offer at Chingford Foundation School is broad and provides every student with  the opportunity to pursue their specialist interests and aptitudes, whilst maintaining a creative  and balanced experience of all areas of education. It challenges all abilities and makes good use of every available resource, both in and out of teaching areas to fire imagination, creativity and bring education to life. Target setting, tracking, monitoring and evaluation of achievement are used in all areas of the curriculum to ensure progress of all students. The formal curriculum is enhanced by a range of extra-curricular opportunities (the extension Programme), Saturday College and offsite activities locally and abroad. Spiritual, Moral , Social and Cultural education (SMSC) is embedded in the taught curriculum,  and also delivered through the pastoral programme and in bespoke "Drop Day" sessions where outside presenters and specialists are utilised.

So as to ensure maximum progress, for teaching purposes, the pupils in Lower School are grouped in the following ways:

  • They are taught in small mixed ability groups for Design Technology, Food Technology, Drama and Art.
  • Students are in sets for Mathematics,  Science, PE and in Year 8 Languages.
  • Oher subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.
  • A small number of students  are taught as a class group with fewer different teachers. The composition of this group is determined by the SENCO.

The sets are initially determined by the results of the Key Stage 2 tests,  and the nationally recognised NFER Cognitive Abilities Tests.  Maths also give students a baseline assessment in October of Year 7.  The system described above is designed to take account of pupil abilities and achievement in a way that allows teaching staff to set appropriate levels of classwork and homework.  Pupils who need more support will be in a smaller class. There is scope for pupils to move between sets but all changes are based on the professional judgement of teachers and take place at specific times in the year.

We have a comprehensive programme supporting students who demonstrate academic gifts or highly developed skills. The programme includes Masterclasses, extension materials, visits to other institutions and providers that have project expertise in high-achieving young people and leadership training. Each student is provided with an individualised programme tailored to their particular aptitudes. This is known as our Exploring Horizons programme in Lower School and our Beyond Horizons programme in Middle School.


Other key features that support our curriculum package include:

  • Our Arts specialism with good involvement from our  partners (including the Arts Council) and Arts Award through Trinity Guildhall
  • Our Sports specialism including leadership provision
  • Our Humanities specialism (with a range of high achieving departments)
  • An extraordinary variety of educational trips both in this country and abroad
  • Our Outstanding Sixth Form with 30 different courses on offer (highest average points score in the area)

Please explore our range of academic departments using the toolbar on the right hand side

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please feel free to contact Ms A Davis (Vice Principal)