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Chingford Foundation School

Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject, which uses imagination, creativity and innovation to design and make products around a variety of contexts. Pupils will experience designing and/or making prototypes using a variety of different materials and control systems such as electronic circuits, with access to a wide range of equipment and software, including CAD and CAM. They will be based in a variety of rooms suited for the purpose of doing Graphics, Electronics and Resistant Materials projects, including workshops.

In KS3 pupils will experience a number of projects building their skills in different tools, equipment  and techniques associated with the process of Designing and Making. They will develop their technical, analytical and evaluative skills along with practical skills, whilst drawing upon other subjects such as Science, Mathematics and Art to enable them to become confident, resourceful, creative, innovative, enterprising and capable designers.

Beyond KS3 students can continue their studies in GCSE Design and Technology, Electronics and Woodwork as option choices, and beyond that to “A” Level as a Product Design course.