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At Key Stage 3 the Drama Department offers a broad curriculum. Pupils learn cooperation, team building and drama skills through games, storytelling and physical theatre. In Year 7, students have  an introduction to skills and story telling. In Year 8, character work is developed using a variety of stimuli, and an understanding of genre and acting style is introduced in a playful way. Citizenship is taught through drama lessons in Year 9 and as well as exploring important topics, we continue to build skills in structuring dramatic pieces and developing acting styles. At GCSE and A level, we develop knowledge of theatre practitioners such as Brecht, Stanislavski, Artaud and Lecoq. We perform whole scripts as well as devising our own theatre, both as technicians and performers. We explore various stage properties and experiment with trestle Theatre and Commedia masks. Across the school, trips are organised to the West End and fringe venues. We have links with local primaries to share work, and pupils are given frequent opportunities to work in partnership with other Arts organisations for participation in competitions and festivals such as the Shakespeare Schools Festival, national Theatre Shell Connections and PUSH at Brit School. The Arts Centre offers students state of the art facilities to rehearse and perform in a professional space for the local community.