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Chingford Foundation School

Emergency Closure

If adverse weather and / or other circumstances mean that it is necessary to close the school at short notice, the arrangments below apply.

Any decision to shut the school would be a serious one, only undertaken after a careful assessment of risks. In assessing these risks, questions such as those below would be considered:

  • Is the site safe for students and staff to access buildings?
  • How accessible / passable are roads & pavements approaching school?
  • Can sufficient staff get to school safely (and return home afterwards) for the school to be able to open?
  • What advice has been received from the Local Authority & national weather organisations?

After consideration of these questions one of the following decisions may be made:

  • Closure of the whole school site
  • Opening the school, but only for certain year groups
  • Opening the school, but for a shortened day

When one of the above decisions has been made, the information will be published on the School
and Sixth Form twitter feeds. It will appear as ‘Latest News’ on the website and will also be flagged
up on a banner part way down the website homepage. In addition, the school will endeavour to
send out a Parentmail message. Although we would endeavour to modify the school answerphone
message, this may not be possible in the circumstances.

To conclude, whilst emergency closure of the school is a rare occurrence, we remain grateful to parents and carers for their on-going support and understanding in these circumstances.

Mr N Taylor

Vice Principal