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History is one of the school’s most popular subjects and is taught to all pupils in Years 7 and 8. It is also one of the largest option choices at GCSE and A Level.

Key Stage 3

Pupils will study a diverse range of periods and are encouraged to think critically and independently about the past and the impact it has on our lives today.


Year 7

Unit 1: Local History- A study of how Chingford has changed over the past 150 years using examples of the railway, leisure activities and the changes to CFS.

Unit 2: Migration- A study of different groups and different reasons people have migrated to Britain using examples such as the Huguenots, Blackmoores and the Irish.

Unit 3: Warfare- A study of why wars break out, why people win wars and how they impact people’s lives using examples such as the English Civil war, the use of atomic bombs and World War Two.

Unit 4: Empire- A study of how empires have been built across the world throughout History, who ruled them and how their power influenced the rest of the world using examples such as the Romans, Mansa Musa and the Aztecs.


Year 8

Unit 1: Protest- A study of how people’s actions can impact their government and the society they live in using examples such as the Peasants Revolt, the Suffragettes and the Civil Rights Movement.

Unit 2: The Holocaust- A study of how the powerful rise of the Nazi and the impact this had on Germany with a specific focus on the how the persecution of Jews and other minorities developed.

Unit 3: Power- A study to look how authority has shifted from  monarchy to a democratic government using examples such as the Magna Carta, Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell.


Key Stage 4

From Year 9-11, students will be completing their GCSE study of History. They will be following the Edexcel 9-1 History B Specification.

During the course, students will study:

Unit 1- GCSE Study skills- Students will study a combination of knowledge and the different styles of questions and exam techniques to help them be fully prepared for the new GCSE course.

Unit 2- Medicine through Time- Students will study how medical care and treatment has progressed from 1250 till today!

Unit 3- Surgery in Warfare- Students will study how wars have shaped and developed surgical techniques through the primary sources.

Unit 4- Henry VIII and his Ministers- Students will study how Henry’s chief ministers Wolsey and Cromwell helped him construct his own church and marry 6 wives!

Unit 5- The American West- Students will study how America developed between 1865-1895 and how the Native Americans way of life changed forever.

Unit 6- Life in Germany 1918-1939- Students will study how Germany changed after the devastating impact of World War One and how this allowed the Nazis to rise to power.


Key Stage 5

At A-Level, students have the opportunity to build their understanding of the past across a range of centuries and countries.

In Year 12, students explore:

  • British Political History from 1930-1997
  • French Revolution and Rule of Napoleon.

In Year 13, students study:

  • Russia and its Rulers from 1855-1964.
  • All students will write a 3000-4000 independent research essay of their choice.

The department aims to deliver an inspirational curriculum that will encourage a lifelong passion for History. Through expert teaching and support, we aim for every child to achieve their potential.