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If you were to sit in a music lesson at Chingford Foundation School, you would enjoy a practical lesson, in which pupils are challenged to work with their peers to produce high quality work, as independently as possible. Our Music Department has two full time teachers. Tutors from Waltham Forest Music Service provide individual lessons (piano, guitar, drum kit, voice, woodwind, brass, strings).

Both classrooms have recently been redecorated and are well resourced, one with a suite of 15 Apple Macs, the other with 15 keyboards. We also have 3 drum kits, many guitars and amps, 32 chromatic glockenspiels, African djembes, Brazilian samba instruments, plus an extensive selection of other percussion. Both classrooms and practice rooms have good quality pianos and can be booked at breaktimes, lunchtimes and after school. All students learn keyboard skills and how to read musical notation. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the performance and compositional skills required at GCSE music.

Year 7 topics include: writing a scary piece about a haunted house, disco and club dance, world music such as Chinese and Gamelan, descriptive music such as Carnival of the Animals and The Planets.

Year 8 topics include: composing a musical or opera, 12 bar blues, world music such as African Indian and Bhangra, instruments of the orchestra and western classical music history.

Music technology is utilised in all schemes of work, and students can use it during lunchtimes and after school. They can also book time in our four practice rooms. Extra curricular activities include: choir, orchestra, junior and senior guitar ensembles, drumming ensemble. They perform in our winter and summer concerts in the main hall and at a Christmas Carol concert at St Peter & St Paul Chingford Parish Church. our GCSe and A Level students also perform at the newly refurbished Arts Centre, where we often collaborate with the drama department.

Students maintain relationships with the local community, performing to primary school children and nursing homes, and there are exciting trips to concerts workshops and master classes in central London.

Music Resources

Music resources can be accessed below: