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Chingford Foundation School

Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a core subject for all pupils. Pupils have one lesson a week of R.S. in years 7, 8, 10 and 11, and 2 lessons of R.S. a week in year 9. All pupils begin studying for a full course GCSE in year 9. The GCSE requires pupils to sit two exams; one on the study of religion (Christianity and Buddhism) and one on the study of four 'themes' looking at issues such as war, peace and relationships. R.S. at Chingford is taught by committed teachers, each with different areas of specialism. The R.S. teachers are passionate about the subject and strongly believe that it offers pupils the opportunity to engage with, and reflect on, many spiritual, philosophical and ethical questions. Through gaining a better understanding of different faiths and cultures, pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own values and respond to others in a respectful manner.


Topics of Study:


- Year 7: Principles for Life, Belief in God and Religious worship

- Year 8: Hinduism, Jesus and Islam

- Year 9: Christianity and Buddhism

- Year 10-11: Four 'themed' units: Relationships and families, Religion and life, Peace and conflict, Human rights and social justice


R.S. Resources

GCSE R.S. Resources can be located below.