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Chingford Foundation School

Site Safety - Opening Times


The School Site is open for pupils from 8am onwards. Facilities open to pupils include the Refectory and the Library. Sixth Form students can access the Year 12 Study Base and the Common Room.

In exceptional circumstances, if any pupil arrives before 8am they MUST report to the Refectory and stay there until 8am. (Sixth Form pupils can alternatively go into the Year 12 Study Base.) The school accepts no responsibility for pupils elsewhere on site before 8am.



The Library is open until 5.20pm daily. Pupils may stay and work in there. Alternatively, Sixth Form students may work in the Year 12 Study Base until that time.

After 4.15pm, no student should remain on site unless they are being supervised by a member of staff.

In all circumstances, pupils must be off-site by 5.30pm at the latest.