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Chingford Foundation School

Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Chingford is an academic and disciplined environment where pupils study a package of A-Levels. Currently 26 different subjects are offered. Typically most of our students progress on to Higher education, with a number gaining places at the top ‘Russell Group’ universities.

Besides studying their A-Level subjects, students benefit from a range of activities which broaden their education. topical guest speakers are a regular feature of the Sixth Form diet, with PSHE and Sport complementing the academic programme. A-Level results are strong with the Average Point Score per student well above national and local averages.

 Proud Sixth Formers with our 'outstanding' Ofsted judgement

In November 2014 Ofsted judged the Sixth Form to be ‘outstanding’. They said ‘the academic curriculum meets the needs of students exceptionally well. The combination of this curriculum with very good teaching, and the resulting high levels of achievement, is at the heart of why the Sixth Form is outstanding’.

As well as studying more traditional subjects, students also have the opportunity to study the following courses:

Sociology: The study of human society. It explores how our behaviour is influenced by other people. nearly everything we do is ‘social,’ in the presence of others. At AS, students study two main topics. ‘Culture and Identity’ investigates how you might be a different ‘version’ of you if you were brought up in another culture. Also, how are ‘identities’ formed, our sense of who we are? In the education part of the course, students examine the role of education in society. What positive function does education play in society? or do schools simply ‘label’ certain children? In the second year of ‘A’ level ‘Beliefs, ‘Beliefs in Society’ focuses on whether religion plays a positive function in society; or is it simply a means of keeping people in their place and stopping them from questioning things? The final unit ‘Crime and deviance’ explores the facts about crime and deviant behaviour and an understanding of its causes. How do we define what is a crime and what is not? What and why does society consider ‘deviant’, strange abnormal behaviour? Sociology is a popular and successful ‘A’ Level subject.

Politics: This subject is offered at ‘A’ Level and focuses on the study of democracy and political processes in the UK, as well as political issues in the USA. Politics students have the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament and participate in the school’s Debating Society.

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