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Chingford Foundation School

Welcome from our Executive Principal

Ms Jane Benton

Executive Principal


Dear Prospective Parents, Carers and Students,

A warm welcome to Chingford Foundation School, part of the Chingford Academies Trust. 

Our vision is to offer the highest calibre education for your child in a caring, inclusive and disciplined learning environment.  Alongside our partner school, South Chingford Foundation School, we will use our considerable combined resources to ensure the educational journey of your child is the best on offer. Chingford Foundation School has a long tradition of success, evidenced by our notable alumni and the popularity of the school within the community.

Our mission is to ensure that your child’s education is relevant and mindful of the challenges facing young people in a rapidly changing world.  Our staff are experts in their field and committed to delivering the best that traditional teaching can offer, whilst encouraging students to question, challenge, imagine and create new thinking in the classroom.

Your child’s academic and personal growth are of equal importance. Our rich curriculum will provide opportunities for them to explore their interests, grow their unique personal qualities and undertake deep learning experiences for a successful future.  We have an exceptional mix of academic rigour, well-founded values and opportunities for personal development. We aim to engage, motivate, and enrich your child’s experience and grow within them the traditional values of respect, discipline, independence, care and kindness for others. We are committed to ensuring your child is happy, positive and successful during their time at Chingford Foundation School.

We are a strong community, creating a harmonious and purposeful learning environment. We are culturally rich, diverse and inclusive; strong relationships between all of our stakeholders are at the core of our values. 

We welcome visits to any of the schools in the Trust during the working day to experience our culture for yourself.  If you would like to make an appointment to visit Chingford Foundation School then please contact us on 0208 529 1853 or by email at


Jane Benton

Executive Principal