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Chingford Foundation School

What makes CFS different?

Mr Mark Morrall,
Executive Principal


Dear Prospective Parent/Carer and Student

A very warm welcome to Chingford Foundation School, which is part of the Chingford Academies Trust with our partner school –Rushcroft Foundation School.

I would like to introduce your son/daughter to Chingford Foundation School where we will provide him/her with an excellent secondary education.  The school challenges and extends students of all abilities and backgrounds and will prepare them to contribute positively to the communities in which they live.  Our commitment to quality, achievement and the ‘comprehensive ethos’ makes us the natural first choice of students, parents and staff in the local area who are keen to contribute to the successful development of tomorrow’s young citizens.

Chingford Foundation School has many distinctive characteristics:

- It is a supportive 11-18 mixed school with new approaches proven to add value to students’ progress in learning, which we exploit and celebrate.

- It is an 11-18 school with an ‘outstanding’ Sixth Form provision offering excellent pathways to university.

- We have a style and approach which ensures details in academic and pastoral matters are not overlooked and are given an equally high priority in a safe and harmonious environment.

- Our ‘personalised’ structures and motivation systems enable us to learn each student’s strengths and areas for development to a degree that makes us an example of ‘good practice’ for other schools.

- Our knowledge of each student’s individuality is the key to promoting good learning habits (e.g. Lifelong Learning) and the development of strong personal qualities needed in an increasingly complex society.

- Our strong approach to ‘Rewards and Sanctions’ means we ensure distractions are kept to a minimum and students are trained in being ‘ready to learn’.

- We understand that boys learn differently from girls and this informs the way we organise learning for our students.  Our ‘Code of Expectations’ means that learning includes shorter, more tightly defined lessons, clear objectives, regular opportunities for feedback on a student’s progress, a brisk business-like pace to lessons and more opportunities for the students themselves to take responsibility.

- Our combined specialisms in Arts, Humanities and Sports subjects mean that innovative, high quality provision is available to enable students to develop their specific aptitudes and skills.

- Our strong engagement with the local community means that students and their families rapidly gain a ‘sense of place’ and all the cultural provision on offer in the borough and in London.

- We have an extraordinary range of extra-curricular activities in our Extension Programme and Saturday College, Easter and Summer Schools which provide many opportunities for students to invest in their learning and progress and in the life of the school.

- The school benefits from a convenient central location in which to provide a modern education for students.  We are well connected with local cultural provision in Waltham Forest.  Our excellent facilities occupy spacious grounds and buildings and provide a centre   for community activity.

 - We have good links with parents through a range of approaches including governance, Parents’ Forum, Parents’ Association. All these features reflect our belief that a high quality education for the future should be based on a fusion between the best of traditional methods and the very latest thinking and technology.   There is a particular emphasis on countering under achievement and instilling in our students an understanding that learning is a life-long process, which enables them to succeed in the modern world.


What parents say about us ………. extracts from Parents’ Forum:

“… families were unanimously supportive of CFS’s Year 6 into 7 Transition Summer School and said how much it had benefited their children in helping them to set up friendship groups before they came to school  and to settle into school life much quicker”

“Trips in general, and the Battlefield trip in particular, were commended for the extra dimension they added to their children extra-curricular life …”

“Mr Morrall asked the children (guests at Parents’ Forum) to rate the school out of 10 … the scores ranged from 8/10 to 10/10”

“Children confirmed that they all felt safe in the school, that they knew who to go to should they be bullied …”

“Parents felt that their children didn’t dislike any subject in particular … and felt the they school understands why students need to be pushed and challenged in these early years (Years 7 and 8) …”


Please come along and see for yourself to what extent this is true.  Visit us during the school day.  We have the right mix of academic rigour, well-founded values and many opportunities for personal development.  You know your children best, what suits them and the conditions they need to flourish.  Visiting the school and experiencing what we offer will provide the best basis for the important decisions facing you.  Through our relationship with Rushcroft Foundation School, we will ensure that the resources of both schools will be utilised to ensure the personal education journey of your child is as fulfilling, creative and challenging as possible.


I look forward to meeting you.  If you would like to discuss anything about us, I would be very pleased to talk with you in person or by telephone.


Mark Morrall

Executive Principal